Practical Sun Protective Gift for Mom

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Protect the hands that nurtured you.

As a dermatology clinician I see the 40ish-and-over Moms showing concern about their aging skin. The inevitable question, “What can I do to keep my skin from aging?” often comes up. Then the back of the hands are put under my eyes with statements like, “My hands look like my Mom’s!”


PalmFree™HalfSleeves to protect the hands


The hands, arms, face and neck endure sun exposure on a daily basis and the signs start to show around 40 years of age. Of course, sun protection makes sense but no one wants to apply sunscreens to the back of their hands to be washed off an hour later; especially Mom’s with small children who are frequent hand washers. Traditional glove coverage is too cumbersome, hot and impractical.


Snip 25 Capture 410x530
Offered in increments of $25 for SunGloves and $30 for HalfSleeves.






PalmFree™SunWear is proud to offer a simple solution: a glove that is easy to slip on and off and leaves 90% of the palm-side exposed to allow natural dexterity. The glove can stay on and be flipped back and out of the way for hand washing, then slipped back on. Mom will not lose her grip when holding any device or utensil in her hands.







Golfing Mom.
Golfing Mom.
sun glove, sunglove, fingerless glove, palmless glove, open palm glove
Biking Mom.
sun glove, sunglove, fingerless glove, palmless glove, open palm glove
Tennis Mom.
Darcy2 1824 x 1261
Nature enthusiast, birdwatching Mom.

Gloves for Web12







Gloves for Web14

Gloves for Web15


Gloves for Web16







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