All Aboard Fashion Platform

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Thank you FBI for the inviting PalmFree SunWear to All Aboard Fashion Platform 2016!  I am so proud to be part of this 6th annual event. Fashion Biz Inc is a non profit organization that provides resources, consulting and education to … Read More

Practical Sun Protective Gift for Mom

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  Gift Certificates for Mom now available! Protect the hands that nurtured you. As a dermatology clinician I see the 40ish-and-over Moms showing concern about their aging skin. The inevitable question, “What can I do to keep my skin from … Read More

Golfers’ Left Hand vs Right Hand and Sun Protection Tips

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  Spotting an avid golfer anywhere in the world is easy: just look at the hands, is one darker or more sun damaged than the other? A lefty or a righty? Its’ obvious which hand wears the traditional golf glove. … Read More

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