The Sun Shines for Pickleball Players

  Working as a dermatology clinician in Green Valley, Arizona, I have the pleasure to meet the most active septuagenarians in the Southern AZ. Green Valley is a retirement community that is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast. My patients include tennis players, … Read More

UV Exposure in Outdoor Sports

Throughout the years, sports have evolved into something more than simple play. Whether it’s for competition, fitness, or fun, many of us have a sport that we identify with. When picking your team members, however, it’s important to recognize a … Read More

Golf, Sun, and Skin Cancer

As a dermatology clinician in the southwest US a typical clinic day includes seeing a golfer with skin cancer. Since golfers spend 4 to 6 hours in the sun per round, ultraviolet solar radiation takes a toll on one’s skin. … Read More

Outdoor Workers at Higher Risk for Skin Cancers

It’s a fact of life for those who work outside consistently, occupational or otherwise, have an elevated risk of skin cancer. Recent studies have shown that there is a much higher risk for squamous cell carcinoma, and other forms of … Read More

Sunscreen Simplicity: Know What’s On Your Skin

  Many of us know the importance of sunscreen in protecting our skin from harmful UV radiation. Effective and regular use can prevent sunburn, cancer, suppression of skin’s immune system, and premature aging of the skin. Not all sunscreens are … Read More

Sun Protective Clothing Tips for Chemotherapy Patients

Due to better diagnostic techniques and longevity in the US, many people are being diagnosed with cancer early, undergoing treatment, and surviving longer. While there still is no cure for all cancers, some treatments do cure and some reduce the progression. … Read More

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