PalmFree SunWear FAQs


Q: Is the fabric impregnated with sun protective chemicals?

A: No, the weave of the knit fabric is tight enough that it blocks the UVA and UVB from your skin, no sun protective chemicals are added.


Q: How long does a pair usually last?

A: If worn more than 4 times per week you probably need to change them out once a year depending on the amount of UVA and UVB the fabric has endured. Washing in cold water and drying flat preserves the gloves longer than it would if you were to put them in the dryer machine.


Q: Are they easy to put on?

A: They slip-on and slide-off easily. When washing your hands you can tug the edging, twist and tuck under the wrist so you don’t have to take them off.


Q: How do you care for the gloves?

A:  Hand or machine wash gently in cold water and hang or flat dry.  Best if washed in lingerie bag, do not wash with Velcro. Never wash any knit fabric with Velcro or, when not wearing them, leave in direct sunlight for long periods.


Q: What is the fabric content?

A: Eight-one percent nylon and 19% spandex, which is why they have good stretch and rebound, hence a good fit.


Q: Do the gloves provide UV broad spectrum sun coverage?

A: Yes, they block UVA and UVB.


Q: Can you wear them in the pool or seawater?

A: Absolutely, they do not interfere with your swim stroke and are chlorine and saltwater resistant. However, don’t forget to rinse them with fresh water after your swim this helps their longevity. You should do this for your skin as well.


Q: Are these made in USA?

A: Yes, these are made in Tucson, Arizona from imported fabric from Italy and Korea.


Q: Do these gloves keep your hands warm?

A:  No, these are not for warmth. They block UVA and UVB (broad spectrum coverage) and provide no hand insulation properties as a traditional full glove, these are more like hand covers allowing 90% of your palm to remain free from coverage so you can grip your sporting implement or tool naturally.


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