The Charities

“Notice a need in the world and do something about it.”  F. Rogers

As a physician assistant for over 20 years I have seen the importance of access to healthcare. Unfortunately, here in the US and many countries, people cannot afford healthcare and in some places its non-existent.  These are the charities I personally work with and choose to donate:

Clinica Amistad,
Tucson Arizona We provide free healthcare to those in Tucson without health insurance.  Many of our patients are the working poor and have common conditions seen in the general population (hypertension, diabetes, thyroid disease, skin diseases, musculoskeletal conditions, etc). Our medical providers (MDs, PAs, NPs, RNs, optometrists, psychologists, etc) and support staff (pre-Med/PA/RN and public health students) are all volunteers and we provide over 2200 patient visits per year. PalmFree SunWear gives one $500 scholarship to a devoted student volunteer annually in addition to clinic support. 

SurgiCorps International
Provides free surgical and medical care in developing countries. This outstanding group has various general and specialized surgeons, surgical nurses and support staff that travel long distances to areas in need of surgical care, such as cleft palate repair, hand/wrist surgery, hernia repair, gynecologic surgery, and specialty medical care.  PalmFree SunWear supports supplies and my trips to Antigua Guatemala to provide dermatology healthcare.

Yok Chij, AC Chiapas, Mexico
We support the healthcare staff to Don Sergio Castro, know as the Humanitarian of Chiapas.  For more than 5 decades he has provided burn and wound care to the indigenous and marginalized Mexicans of this region. 

Southwest Medical Aid (PSMA) Tucson, Arizona

This organization collects good unused medical supplies for non-profit organizations who travel abroad to provide healthcare or to any organization in need of medical items. PalmFree SunWear donates to this organization in exchange for good unused medical supplies for Clinica Amistad and my medical missions.