A Satisfied Golfer

VERY PLEASED with your product and service. Especially like working with a local company.  I am very sun sensitive and playing golf here in the Arizona sun, I need to cover my right hand. I had been using a cotton glove, taking it off when I hit the ball. Your glove  works perfectly, protecting the back of my hand while allowing me to grip the club. The size of the large glove is generous and I am not conscious of it as it protect my hand. Will be suggesting that our Golf Shop inventories them.

Today I used the left hand glove on my right hand and it worked fine. Maybe you need an option of 2 right hand golfs for golfers.

Send me pictures of your store display when you have it  developed and I will talk to our pro shop at the Rolling Hills Golf Club in SE Tucson.

Just a side comment. You can shake hand with the glove on.

J. M., Tucson, AZ