…the very best sun protective gloves available anywhere in the world

I am an extremely sun conscious person being highly aware of the damage UV rays can do both aesthetically and in terms of health. I do use sunscreen daily be it summer or winter, rain or shine but it can be unpleasant to apply no matter how great or cosmetically elegant the formula. To boot, it is easily rubbed off areas like the hands and frequent reapplication can get right in the way of your fun! I have been searching for the ideal pair of sun protective gloves for a long time now and have had an impossible time finding ones which were comfortable, attractive and of a certified/reliable UPF.

I was absolutely thrilled to find palm free gloves! I wear them daily and just love them (maybe a little too much as I now have 7 pairs to match my favourite outfits!) They are incredibly comfortable and attractive with a colour range which allows you to compliment your outfit be it sporty, chic or out-and-out party! The palm free idea is absolutely fantastic and novel. Unlike every other pair of sun gloves I have owned (which get clammy, hot, uncomfortable, slip around and just don’t look great) I literally forget that I have them on! They are so lightweight and don’t impede me at all no matter what activity I am doing. These truly are the very best sun protective gloves available anywhere in the world. Huge thanks guys!

Kris from the U.K.