The PalmFree™SunGlove was developed from my love of tennis and the outdoors, my career as a Dermatology Physician Assistant, and the need for preventative healthcare.

The Sun and Skin Cancers
As a Dermatology PA I have diagnosed and treated thousands of pre-cancers and skin cancers caused from the ill effects of chronic sun exposure on the backside of the hands. Many patients, including outdoor athletes and workers, complain of the appearance of their rapidly aged and photo-damaged skin from excessive sun exposure.

Creating PalmFree™SunGloves

After years of applying thick sunscreens to the back of my hands, which interfered with my tennis performance, and having purchased just about every ‘palmless’ glove on the market, I found they lacked comfort, were poor fitting or had Velcro that snagged and wore out quickly. I decided to design my own style of ‘palmless’ gloves. The result is a lightweight, UPF 50 sun protective, comfortably fitted, easy-on/easy-off, affordable palmless glove.

As the idea of bringing the PalmFree™SunGlove to market grew I wanted to do something more than sell a great sun protective product. For more than a decade I have volunteered my medical services locally and abroad and most of the profits of this business help support my philanthropic activities. PalmFree™SunWear has donated to Yok Chij, AC in Chiapas Mexico, and continues to donate to SurgiCorp International: Guatemala Missions and Amistad y Salud in Tucson AZ and a few other tennis and health related programs.

Made in USA!
Our fabric is imported but our products are made in Tucson Arizona. Garment manufacturing is making a comeback in the US, albeit slow and difficult. When you purchase of any of our products, not only are you protecting your skin, but you’re helping support medical care for those that have limited or no access to healthcare and supporting Made in USA garment manufacturing.

Stay cool, stay protected and be well!
Patricia Ferrer, MPAS, PA-C