I referee kids’ soccer games in the fall. While I wear a long sleeve referee shirt, I had no way to protect my hands other than sunscreen which I would sweat off. I wear your palm free gloves while reffing the games…..I also wear them when hiking.  I can easily use my hiking poles while wearing them. 

KC in Tucson, AZ

A pair of gloves arrivedon Monday. I wore them while playing golf this morning and am delighted with their lightness and total protection.Thanks for your help.Regards, 

A Golfer from Dublin, Ireland

Hello.  I’m a semi-pro walleye fisherman and I spend countless hours in a boat out in the ruthless sun.  I was looking for something to keep the backs of my hands from sunburning so badly– and you came thru!!!  I rate these as a perfect 10!!!  Lightweight, easy on/off, comfortable, cool and leaving my fingers open for dexterity.  Definitely a winner here– good job!!!

Fisherman From PennsylvaniaCarl M.

I got these gloves because I often forget to put sunblock on my hands. Now I don’t have to. The gloves are so lightweight, I can put them in my pocket or bag, and I have several pairs so I’m always protected. I wish I’d had them years ago.  They are comfortable, wash well, pretty – I have 3 pairs in Burgundy, and easy to put on. They are quite perfect! I love these gloves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

~EP from North Carolina

This is the PERFECT way to avoid the age spots on your right hand! 

~Golfer KD, La Jolla, CA
Los Angeles, CA

They work great. Now I can drive without being worried about putting on sunscreen on my hands!!

If you had a rating site I would definitely give you 5+ stars!!

Thank you so much!!

J from Santa Barbara, Ca

I already have 2 pairs of your palm free gloves. The current order is a pair for my daughter and another one for me. Thanks!

Tucson, Arizona

“Love your gloves – great product!” –

KG, LaJolla, CA

I had a squamous cell carcinoma removed from my right hand at the base of the thumb and my forefinger.  Fortunately the movement was not compromised but the removal did require a skin graft. This is now very delicate and exposed and I have to keep my hand out of the sun. The gloves are great doing the job fine.  As I have to wear them whenever I am outdoors I ordered the colours that go with the clothing I wear.  ~

DB, Canada

“I’ve been wearing the gloves this week while driving and they’re perfect. They fit perfectly, don’t hinder me, so I’m really happy with my purchase. I’ll recommend them to my friends!”

EDF Belgium

Why let your hands get those ugly age spots?  Use Palm Free to keep the sun off of your hands!

Tennis player

DG, Stamford, CT

” We have just received two pair of the wonderful PalmFree sun gloves. They are well made and quite stylish, not at all what you would expect ” sun gloves ” to be like. We had wondered if they would be too hot and have found them quite the opposite, cooling and very comfortable and easy to wear, partly a result of the palm free design and partly due to the fabric. Patricia is a lovely person to deal with, communicating well and clearly. We are very happy with the sun gloves “~

Francis and Clare,  Christchurch,  New Zealand

The ares of my body that stay covered have no wrinkles. The rest of me has “pruned up”.”

~CC from Kirkland WA

“I have been wearing the Solapa while I work in the pool and when I go for outdoor walks/runs.  I love the extra sun protection it offers and my neck no longer bothers me after work (I work 5 hours in the pool).  I find it to be comfortable.  I do wear it directly on my head, under my hat, as I wear a wide brimmed hat for work.  So far it is holding up well with the chlorine/salt water pool.  I have not felt hot while wearing the Solapa.”

~DN from Surprise, AZ

“I am very happy with gloves and half sleeves that I have purchased. I use them primarily when I am driving and when I am working in the yard. Initially I wasn’t sure how they would hold up to the work in the yard but so far they have withstood a fair amount of abuse. The simple but clever design makes it easy to forget that I am wearing them.”

~JC from Arroyo Grande CA

“I’ve been using my PalmFree gloves for a few years and they’re still in great shape! I write outdoors whenever the weather allows. When I hit 35, I noticed dark spots appearing on the back of my dominant hand in spite of wearing sunscreen. Two seasons with these gloves and the spots are almost faded. Thank you so much! Ordering longer ones to save my arms now + a nude pair to wear out and about!”

JL from Rio Grande, NJ

I recently had a squamous cell carcinoma removed from my left hand. I now use these fishing, both in summer and winter ice fishing. UV reflection off snow and ice can be intense. With the open palm I can handle a fish without getting a completely wet and cold hand. They dry fast, are easy to wash. My hands can slip into heavier mittens as needed. Hands and fingers don’t snag hooks as other gloves often do. I now keep several pair handy for any activity to protect my hands. They are a great product and work well for my needs. 

~FK from Duluth MN

I am an extremely sun conscious person being highly aware of the damage UV rays can do both aesthetically and in terms of health. I do use sunscreen daily be it summer or winter, rain or shine but it can be unpleasant to apply no matter how great or cosmetically elegant the formula. To boot, it is easily rubbed off areas like the hands and frequent reapplication can get right in the way of your fun! I have been searching for the ideal pair of sun protective gloves for a long time now and have had an impossible time finding ones which were comfortable, attractive and of a certified/reliable UPF.

I was absolutely thrilled to find palm free gloves! I wear them daily and just love them (maybe a little too much as I now have 7 pairs to match my favourite outfits!) They are incredibly comfortable and attractive with a colour range which allows you to compliment your outfit be it sporty, chic or out-and-out party! The palm free idea is absolutely fantastic and novel. Unlike every other pair of sun gloves I have owned (which get clammy, hot, uncomfortable, slip around and just don’t look great) I literally forget that I have them on! They are so lightweight and don’t impede me at all no matter what activity I am doing. These truly are the very best sun protective gloves available anywhere in the world. Huge thanks guys!

Kris from the U.K.

Every winter I get itchy painful chapped knuckles. It starts as soon as it gets cold and I battle it all winter long. I always thought it was due to cold, dryness, washing hands and/or eczema due to stress. Nothing relieves it. So a couple of days ago after my first day of wearing my winter coat my red chapped burning knuckles appeared! Then I realized that it is from jamming my hands in and out of my pockets to grab phone or lip balm and also jamming my hands height tight abrasive ribbing on cuff of sleeves! Abrasion!  I immediately started wearing the palms free whenever I wear my coat to to protect my knuckles. Problem solved! Amazing right?!

C.M., New York

Recently, I bought a pair of your palm free gloves.  They are great.  I am a tennis professional in Naples, Florida and would like to represent your product . There are many people that are interested in protecting there hands and arms.  I have had skin cancer on my hand from teaching and playing out in the sun.  Its hard to protect your hands with lotion and still grip the racket.  What a fabulous product!
Thank you!

D. L., FL

I have used the Palm Free Sun Gloves for two years, on to my third year with them.
I am out on the water a lot from May through to November primarily fishing. These Palm Free Sun Gloves are just what the Dr. ordered to protect my hands from being over exposed to the sun. Any angler will tell you that accidentally getting any bit of sunscreen onto your lure or bait will often lead to a bad day of catching. There is something in sunscreen that fish do not like.
With the Palm Free Sun Gloves I do not have to worry about having sunscreen on my hands or forearms that may interfere with having a great day catching fish.
The Palm Free Sun Gloves are so lite and airy that my hands stay cool and comfortable.  Wearing the Palm Free Sun Gloves  don’t interfere or affect my ability to work with the rod reel line and lures. They are so comfortable that I often forget that I have them on.

Thanks so much for keeping my hands safe cool and comfortable. 


DB Ontario, Canada

I’m loving my gloves and wanted to order 3 more for myself (to keep in the car) and a pair as a Christmas gift for a friend. I wanted 3 pairs of the Active gloves in S (1 X black with black stitching, 1 X white with white stitching and 1 X orange) and 1 X pair XS: black with black stitching. So that’s 4 pairs in total (3 X S and 1 X XS). Would you be able to email me the PayPal invoice and link as you did last time?

Many thanks Patricia – hope you are well!
Kind regards,

L.S.,  Australia

VERY PLEASED with your product and service. Especially like working with a local company.  I am very sun sensitive and playing golf here in the Arizona sun, I need to cover my right hand. I had been using a cotton glove, taking it off when I hit the ball. Your glove  works perfectly, protecting the back of my hand while allowing me to grip the club. The size of the large glove is generous and I am not conscious of it as it protect my hand. Will be suggesting that our Golf Shop inventories them.

Today I used the left hand glove on my right hand and it worked fine. Maybe you need an option of 2 right hand golfs for golfers.

Send me pictures of your store display when you have it  developed and I will talk to our pro shop at the Rolling Hills Golf Club in SE Tucson.

Just a side comment. You can shake hand with the glove on.

J. M., Tucson, AZ

I really love my palmless gloves. I am fair skinned, susceptible to the effects of the sun and athletic. In the past found it difficult to put sun lotion on the back of my hands resulting in loss of grip – golf and tennis. I wear the gloves for these activities and really notice how protective they are for my hands from the effects of the sun.

I have shown my sungloves to my dermatologist, who I visit every 6 months for the last 20 years. He was very impressed with the product, not having heard of PalmFree before and promised to promote the products and your company to his patients. My doctor noted how much better my hands were looking needing fewer treatments.

TR, Mesa Arizona

Your story is so admirable and fascinating to me as I had been sewing cotton cutouts with elastic bands around the wrist and little skinny elastic bands for the first finger to protect my very sensitive hands….a sample made for me by another skin challenged tennis player who actually plays tennis covered from head to toe with big sunglasses. I have light skin, too, and have already had some precancerous growths burned off on my hands and arms and back…am always covered since my 20’s, but the sun still got through!! I cycle, too, and had to find a website for brims to fit my helmet. Your material and open palm product is so perfect for tennis…and I ‘m delighted to know I can use them for swimming, too!

I think you have created a much needed product, and I tell all my tennis pals about how much I love them. I show them that my palm is free for grasping the racquet as some thought they were a fancy fashion statement that I used for gripping it. But all of those ladies have signs of sun damage!! I have thinning skin as I am getting up there…so, my thanks yo you….and I am so impressed with the work you do as a dermatologist for those who can’t afford that care!!!

So nice to support those efforts. Please keep me posted on any other products that you are able to develop. I am a fan!!

GL, California