What are PalmFree™ SunGloves?

  •  PalmFree™ Sun Gloves and HalfSleeves are palmless gloves and half-sleeves made from UPF50 fabric to protect the back of your hands and forearms from intense and chronic sun exposure while working or playing outside.
  • These palmless SunGloves and HalfSleeves allow the palms to release heat and sweat naturally, maintain palmar sensitivity, dexterity, and tactility of any implement you wish to have in your hand, be it tennis racket, fishing rod, gardening or working tools.
  • This U.S. patented design (US Patent 9820516) is easy to slip-on and slide-off; there are no loops or Velcro® straps and they pack away easily in any pocket.
  • The UPF50 fabric has been tested using the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) textile industry standard method in determining the ultraviolet protective factor (UPF) for fabrics.
  • UPF50 blocks 97.5 – 98% of ultraviolet radiation (aka solar radiation), in other words, it only allows 1/50th of ultraviolet/solar penetration.
  • UPF 50+ is considered ‘excellent’ for sun protective fabric. UPF covers both UVA and UVB and is not to be confused with SPF, which is a sun protective rating factor used for sunscreens.
  • The fabric is 81% nylon and 19% spandex which provides a comfortable fitted feel, accommodates movement without restriction, and dries quickly.
  • Caring is simple and low energy: wash in cold water and flat dry.
  • PalmFree™Sun Gloves and HalfSleeves are manufactured in beautiful sunny Arizona.  All aspects of design, development and manufacturing are done in the USA from imported fabric.

Wearing PalmFree™SunGloves:

–      The thumb slips into the sheath just under the logo, the pinky finger slips in the smaller sheath.

–      Click below for video demonstration (No Sound).


Who may benefit from wearing PalmFree™SunGloves and PalmFree™HalfSleeves?

–      Those exposed to frequent and/or extended periods of time in the sun such as:

o  Tennis players

o  Runners

o  Hikers

o  Fishermen/women

o  Golfers

o   Archery

o  Gardeners

o  Lawn Bowlers

o  Occupational outdoor workers exposed to the sun for hours at a time:

o  Truck drivers

o  Road workers

o  Mail delivery drivers

o  Anyone who spends hours driving

o  Those with a history of a medical skin condition:

o  Skin cancers

o  Precancers

o  Sun sensitivity conditions

o  Anyone wanting to avoid photo-damaged skin that may cause brown spots or advanced wrinkling.