Pickleball Anyone? Pickleball Popularity Continues!
Pickleball has taken the top spot in growing sports three years running. Why? It's easy to learn, inexpensive, all age groups can enjoy and you don't have to be superfit to chase down balls as in tennis. Plus, the grandkids...
Summer Hat and Gloves: Protect Your Head and Hands!
Having a good sun protective hat is important to protect your scalp, face, ears and neck. Sunday Afternoon Hats provide practicality and comfort for all day outdoor activities.
Squamous Cell Skin Cancer on the Hands
Often I receive emails from customers asking about maximum sun protection for the back of the hands. They explain they have recently undergone Mohs surgery for a type of skin cancer called Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCCs) on the hand. This by...
Sun Protection for the Pickleball Player
       Numerous pickleball courts are being built throughout the US.  Pickleball is a fantastic sport that is growing in popularity never seen in this generation.  More than 4.8 million people in the USA now play pickleball.  What makes...
When should you get checked for skin cancer?
  Photo 143810605 / Dermatologist © Wave Break Media Ltd |   For the general population the USPSTF (United States Preventative Services Task Force) concludes that ‘the current evidence is insufficient to assess the balance of benefits and harms of visual skin examination by a clinician...
Who's at Risk for Skin Cancer? Pt. 3
  There are several factors one must consider knowing their susceptibility or risk for skin cancer. In general, anyone with skin can get skin cancer, even animals get skin cancer like humans. However, knowing your skin type, family history, and...
Most Common Areas on the Body Where Skin Cancers Develop Pt. 2
Simply put, those regularly uncovered areas on our bodies receive the brunt of the sun’s chronic and intense ultraviolet radiation exposure.  The head and neck Most people don’t wear hats, or when they do they wear baseball caps. The bill...
Skin Cancer Awareness Month Part 1: Three Main Types of Skin Cancers
May 2, 2022 Often when one thinks of skin cancer they think the worst: the life-threatening malignant melanoma. Fortunately, the  majority of skin cancers are not life-threatening but depending on size, location and depth, they can cause disfigurement and local...
May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month
In recognition of Skin Cancer Awareness Month, starting in May, I will be presenting a 4-part educational series on what you need to know about skin cancers: the most common types of skin cancers areas on the body most affected the population most susceptible when...
Signs of an Aging Neck: How to Prevent and Improve the Aging Neck
When it comes to maintaining our youthful appearance, we tend to focus on the face. However, one glance at the neck and your age is revealed. This blog covers the signs of an aging neck, what you can do to...
5 Tips To Rejuvenate Your Aging Hands
At 40 years of age our hands seem less plump, have brown spots and our skin texture is losing that youthful appearance. The aging process escapes no one and the daily use of our hands along with sun exposure may accelerate the process. So, how can we turn back the hands of time? These five tips can help rejuvenate your...
Melanoma rates projected to increase if preventative measures not taken, according to CDC report.
Melanoma rates are increasing. Melanoma takes more than 9,000 lives of US citizens each year and according to the latest CDC report, incident rates are projected to rise similar to the last 30 years. Although melanoma related deaths are leveling 
14 JUN 2015 So, do I want the Original or the Active Sun Glove?
The Original Style Sun Gloves are great for driving, hiking, walking or any outdoor wear. They have a cover-stiched edge that gives a nice clean look. The Active Style Sun Gloves are great for tennis, golf, fishing 
Sun Protective Clothing Tips for Chemotherapy Patients
Due to better diagnostic techniques and longevity in the US, many people are being diagnosed with cancer early, undergoing treatment, and surviving longer. While there still is no cure for all cancers, some treatments do cure and some reduce the progression
Outdoor Workers at Higher Risk for Skin Cancers
It’s a fact of life for those who work outside consistently, occupational or otherwise, have an elevated risk of skin cancer. Recent studies have shown that there is a much higher risk for squamous cell carcinoma,
Golf, Sun, and Skin Cancer
As a dermatology clinician in the southwest US a typical clinic day includes seeing a golfer with skin cancer. Since golfers spend 4 to 6 hours in the sun per round, ultraviolet solar radiation takes a toll on one’s skin
Driving on the Sunny Side: Taking Sides on Skin Cancer
Unless you’re a mail deliverer, you probably sit on the left side of your vehicle in order to drive to work, school, or a cross country road trip.
UV Exposure in Outdoor Sports
Throughout the years, sports have evolved into something more than simple play. Whether it’s for competition, fitness, or fun, many of us have a sport that we identify with. 
The Sun Shines for Pickleball Players
  Working as a dermatology clinician in Green Valley, Arizona, I have the pleasure to meet the most active septuagenarians in the Southern AZ. Green Valley is a retirement community that is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast. My patients include tennis players,
Know your skin type; Know your risk
The spectrum of skin color varies. Just as we don’t get to choose what environment we are born into, neither do we get to choose our skin color. Therefore, we should be proud of our skin whatever color or shade.
Skin Color Variation: a healthy evolutionary process
The sun burns 92 million miles away and emits light of multiple wavelengths (aka solar radiation), reaching our eyes and our skin in a matter of minutes. This light is important for synthesis of pre-vitamin D, helping us integrate calcium...