Summer Hat and Gloves: Protect Your Head and Hands!

PalmFreeSunWear is proud to collaborate with the best technical sun hat company in the USA. As a dermatology clinician, I’m always keeping an eye out for the best ‘sun protective hats’ on the market.  Without a doubt Sunday Afternoon Hats win hands down!

Sunday Afternoon Hats are a US-based family-run business that started organically and has grown over the last 3 decades. Their designers pay detailed attention to UPF 50 sun protection, comfort, proper brim width without impedance of site, coolness, coverage for the neck and ears, and they use high quality, lightweight fabric.

We are now offering their best selling hats on our website so you can get your PalmFree™SunGloves and hats in one place: Accessories Hats. 

The Sun Guardian


The Sun Guardian Hat provides a 360 degree head, neck and ears coverage. This 4-½” wide brimmed straw hat has dark fabric on the underside of the brim to absorb reflective light and increase facial shade. Great for gardeners, landscapers, surveyors, and tennis instructors, the chin strap keeps the hat snuggly attached on those windy days. PalmFree™SunGloves Tan Morena and Camo go well with this hat. 

The Sun Dancer Hat

This Cream color Sun Dancer Hat is one of the most popular for women. Its front 4-½” sloping wide brim and the 7-½” pleated neck cape is a cute and practical design element that is great for anyone with short hair that needs the neck and ears covered. Great for pickleball, tennis, golf, hiking, fishing, walking and running. The chin strap keeps the hat in place and the wicking sweatband keeps one cool. For those with long hair, there is an opening that accommodates a pony-tail.  PalmFree™SunGloves White and Ginger Nude color go well with this hat.

The Adventure Hat


The Adventure Hat is the most popular gender neutral hat. This provides full frontal shade with a lightweight 4” front brim and a 7-½” neck cape that sits high off the neck and provides adequate shade. You can hook the neck cap to the head cap if you don’t want it draped over your neck. Great for pickleball, tennis, golf, hiking, fishing, walking and running. The BlueStone color goes well with PalmFree™SunGloves Blue Frost  and Grey and the Quarry color goes well with Grey and White.

Sport Visor


The Sport Visor collection, Black and White are now back in stock. The Solapa™ is made for this visor as it drapes perfectly allowing space and shade for the sides of the face, temples, ears and neck. These wide brim visors are my personal favorite and work well with those with thick hair to cover the scalp. Great for pickleball, tennis, golf, hiking, fishing, walking and running. These neutral colors go well with any color of PalmFree™SunGloves.

Packable and Travel Hats

Sonoma Visor

The White Sonoma Visor is a great travel visor that provides full face coverage. It rolls up and stores easily and fits any head size or shape. Great for pickleball, tennis, golf, hiking, fishing, and walking. It does have an adjustable Velcro strap.


The AeroVisor is packable (it is made to fold at the brim) and practical. It has side slots above the brim to slip the arms of your sunglasses to hold them in place.  Great for pickleball, tennis, golf, hiking, fishing, walking and running. The Solapa™ wears very well over this to help protect the temples and cheeks. It comes in a dark grey.

These additional sun protective accessories protect the most frequently exposed body surface (skin) areas: the head and neck. Our PalmFree™SunGloves and SunSleeves protect the hands and arms. Remember your skin is your body armor, don’t let damaging UV radiation penetrate it while you enjoy spending time outdoors.