Pickleball Anyone? Pickleball Popularity Continues!

Pickleball has taken the top spot in growing sports three years running. Why? It's easy to learn, inexpensive, all age groups can enjoy and you don't have to be superfit to chase down balls as in tennis. Plus, the grandkids can play with the grandparents. 

Indoor and outdoor tennis courts are being modified to accommodate both sports which increases the accessibility. With the highest number of players being in California, Florida and Texas one must be mindful of the excessive sun exposure during play

Here are a few stats from the pickleheads.com website:

  • There are over 36.5 million players in the USA.
  • The largest percent age bracket is 18 - 34 (28.8% of players). 
  • By gender 60% men, 40% women.
  • There are over 10,320 pickleball courts in the USA.  

All these numbers are growing annually. The sport is great for keeping one mobile, active and socializing. Many towns across the USA have pickleball mixers where you can show up and rotate into a game with all ages and skill levels welcome.

As with tennis and other outdoor sports, one needs to keep in mind the intense sun exposure on the hands, head and neck. With skin cancer also on the rise, these younger age groups will get cumulative exposure the more they play outside. Sun protection is crucial with excessive UV radiation exposure.

Our PalmFree SunGloves and NeckBlock are practical sun protective accessories that can help reduce one's risk for sun damage and skin cancers so you can enjoy hours and hours on the pickleball court.



Photo credit: 114984514 / Pickle Ball © Andrewmits | Dreamstime.com