Sun Protection for the Pickleball Player

 Numerous pickleball courts are being built throughout the US. 

Pickleball is a fantastic sport that is growing in popularity never seen in this generation.  More than 4.8 million people in the USA now play pickleball.  What makes it so much fun is that it’s easy to learn, the pickleball paddles and balls are inexpensive and light weight, you don’t have to run as much as you would on a tennis court, it is social since doubles pickleball is mostly played and you get to be outside.  Also, a span of ages can play from grandparents to grandkids. Plus, you don’t have to be super fit to play.

This being an outdoor sport requires everyone to take caution with the intense sun exposure like tennis and golf.  For the older population, the cumulative effects of the sun have damaged the skin’s DNA and more sun exposure suppresses the skin’s immune system influencing DNA alteration and increasing the risk of skin cancer.  For the younger population playing outside, being proactive in preventing sunburns and from chronic sun exposure to reduce the risk of sun damage and skin cancer is in their best interest.

Therefore, grandparents, grandkids and everyone in between can benefit from wearing a quality wide-brimmed hat or visor, long sleeve shirt, and PalmFreeTMSunGloves to protect the hands and sunscreen on all other sun exposed areas.  Pickleball is here to stay, and its growth continues, like golf and tennis, it’s a sport for life.


Pickleball is fun for all ages!

Numerous community tennis courts are being converted or multipurposed and marked with proper pickleball lines to accommodate this growing sport. The USA Pickleball organization is a great resource on how to get started. You can also contact your local parks and recreation facilities to see if they have pickleball courts available.

And remember: block the sun, not the fun! 

 Match finished cordial paddle tap. 



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