Hand Protector Alliance: YouVeeShields and PalmFree™SunGloves

You’ve seen her, you may be one yourself: a flawless ageless face, perfectly colored hair, and fingernails immaculately polished but on hands that look 20 years older.

In the dermatology world, we see the effects of chronic sun exposure on a daily basis. Our hands are one of the most sun-exposed parts of our body, hence one of the most sun damaged and photo-aged. I often jokingly say, “A woman can spend a lot of time and product on their face to help maintain their youthful appearance. But, one look at the hands and neck, her age is revealed”.

Women love going to salons to have their nails done. Part of that process is curing the nail polish by placing the hands under nail polish drying or hardening lamps. In 2014, Shipp, et. al., performed testing of various nail polish drying lamps which revealed inconsistent irradiance values of ultraviolet radiation, specifically UVA in a variety of nail salon lamps. Some emitting more UVA than others.

Ultraviolet wavelength A is a longer wavelength that penetrates deeper into the skin than the burning UVB wavelength. UVA causes wrinkling, thinning of the skin, brown spots and skin cell mutations leading to precancers and skin cancers. The problem is that one never knows which nail polish drying lamp is doing the damage.

As an advocate for protecting the back of the hands from chronic sun damage, I immediately perked up upon seeing this innovated product: YouVeeShield.

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 10.16.59 AM

YouVeeShield is patent pending and is the ONLY product proven to block 99.9% of UV light specifically during exposure to nail polish hardening lamps used in nail salons. Now, instead of watching your hands bake underneath the nail polish curing lamp, wondering if ‘this lamp’ is accelerating photo damage to your skin, you can confidently protect the back of your hands with this laboratory tested sun protective product.

Meanwhile, outside of the nail salon, you can continue to protect your hands by wearing PalmFree™SunGloves.


Click here to learn more about YouVeeShield. This product was shown on NBC Today Show and other popular media.



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