Protecting the Golfer's Uncovered Hand

In dermatology we have an under-breath statement: as long as there’s golf there we’ll never be out of a job. This applies to a lot of outdoor sports, but we can always recognize a golfer: one hand is usually darker or more sun damaged than the other. 


Golfers usually wear a full glove on their non-dominant hand to help them maintain their grip, reduce friction-induced blisters and to absorb most of the impact of the golf swing. The non-dominant hand also is responsible for controlling speed and velocity. However, for putting, you need tactility and feel so the glove comes off.  So, for right-hand dominant people, the left hand is usually fully gloved and sun protected and visa-versa for southpaws.

It’s easy to identify the dominant hand on a golfer because it usually has more sun damage, such as precancers (actinic keratoses), brown spots, and thin fragile skin. Your dermatology provider usually pulls out the liquid nitrogen canister or starts discussing a treatment plan for the precancers with a topical chemotherapeutic agent. 


Protecting the non-dominant hand from sun damage is easier than ever now. The PalmFreeSunGlove was created to protect the back of the hands from sun damage while enjoying one’s sport, like golf, tennis, pickleball, and fishing. The palmless side allows you to have a natural grip on the club and maintain dexterity and tactility.

Applying sunscreen to the back of the hands is impractical for golfer since sunscreen migrates to the palm, causing slippage of the golf club. Every swing and stroke is crucial and having a club slip from your hand is dangerous and frustrating. When wearing the PalmFreeSunGlove for Golf and it's time to putt, you can leave it on or just tug at the glove near the fingers and flip it back, it never has to come off your wrist and it’s easy to put back on.


Golf is a game for life and with 2-4 hours of sun exposure each round, the cumulative effects of ultraviolet radiation takes its toll on one’s skin. Now, with sun protective options, you can play your top game and stay sun protected.

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